About Central Workshop

Central Workshop is one of the pivoting units of the institute which teaches conceptually “how” a product comes to its present form by way of imparting core manufacturing education to all the first-year students of IIT Delhi.  It also provides product manufacturing support to the entire institute community in general and undergraduate students in particular.

More than 1000 undergraduate students in their first year acquire hands-on manufacturing skills in the Central Workshop. The Central Workshop not only introduces art and science of manufacturing but infuses confidence to take up product design and manufacturing activities in future.

Central Workshop is also a place where B.Tech. students of Mechanical Engineering and Production and Industrial Engineering acquire training and knowledge in specialized areas of manufacturing like Metal Casting, Metal Forming, Machining, Welding and Joining, CNC machining and 3D Printing. M.Tech. students of Production Engg. also use Central Workshop facilities for their practical classes in various courses as well as for their projects.

Central Workshop has undertaken efforts to reorganize, modernize and prepare it for continuously changing global manufacturing scenario. Efforts are also on to prepare students for a broader view of manufacturing which involves planning and deploying optimum ways to transfer raw material into goods by integration of people, capital, processes, systems and enterprised to deliver products of value to the society.


The Central Workshop is equipped with latest power tools, equipments and facilities in all areas of manufacturing technologies. It also caters to the fabrication needs of students doing product design and manufacturing courses, minor projects, B.Tech. projects, Master’s thesis work and doctoral research. Large number of students use this facility to build products and compete at national and international level product building competitions like Formula student car mini Baja, Robocon etc.

Table-top CNC machines are used to imbibe product realization through computer generated geometries. A rapid prototype model can also be visualized by the use of state of the art 3D printing technology in this shop of Central Workshop. Laser cutting facility for acrylic sheets and wood has also been added recently. The 3D printing and Laser Cutting facilities are available for booking through Central Research Facility (CRF) for 50% of the time for projects and research. The facility can also be used by external agencies for their manufacturing and training needs during the vacation period.

3D Printing Lab

(WS-109D), Extension No. 6702

3D printer (To make 3D solid prototypes)
Laser cutting machine (For cutting and engraving acrylic and wood)


(WS-112), Extension No. 6701

Coal furnace (To heat steel specimens upto forging temperature)
Drop forging hammer (For closed die forging)
Pedestal grinding machine (For tool sharpening)
Pneumatic hammer (For open die forging of simple shapes)


(WS-112), Extension No. 6768

Band saw machine (For cutting of wood)
Carpenter wood lathe (To craft the wood by turning)
Circular power saw (For cutting plywood)
Jigsaw machine (For cutting wood with round and straight edges)
Lathe machine (For turing of wooden and metal pieces)
Power tool (For cutting wood into small pieces)
Sand paper machine (To sharpen the edges of wooden pieces)
Surface planer (To flatten the wooden surface)
Table drill machine (For drilling holes in wood)
Table grinder (For sharpening tools)


(WS-109C), Extension No. 6702

CNC milling machine (Milling)
CNC milling centre (Milling)
CNC turning machine (Turning)

Fitting Shop

(WS-115), Extension No. 6746

Angle grinder (For grinding at specific angle)
Belt center (For flatness of metal pieces)
Bench drill machine (For drilling holes (upto 12 mm))
Bench grinder (To sharpen tools)
Bench vice (For clamping)
Hand drill machine (For drilling holes in metals and walls)
Power screwdriver (To tighten the screws)
Power tool for cutting (For pipe and tube cutting (upto 8 mm))


(WS-115), Extension No. 6763

Centrifugal casting machine (For axi-symmetric casting)
Die casting (For gravity die casting of aluminum)
Induction furnace (For melting aluminum)
Microwave sintering furnace (For sintering)
Tools for mould making (To make sand moulds)
Sand testing instruments (To measure permeability, strength, hardness and moisture content)

Machine Shop

(WS-109A), Extension No. 6762

Capstan lathe (For turning, knurling, grooving and drilling)
Copying lathe (To produce components with same dimensions)
Horizontal milling machine (For hexagon, U-slot, gear cutting)
Lathe (Threading, turning, tapering, facing, grooving)
Planner (To make flat surface and side cutting)
Power saw (For cutting metal plates)
Radial drill machine (For drilling holes (up to 1 inch diameter))
Shaper (For flat surface and slotting)
Slotting machine (For slotting)
Surface grinder (For grinding of flat surface)
Tool grinder (To sharpen cutting tools)
Vertical milling machine (For slotting, milling and facing)

Sheetmetal Shop

(WS-115), Extension No. 6764

Ball/screw press (For light press work)
Bending machine (For sheet bending upto 45 deg.)
Bending rollers (For piping, bending, curving)
Double action hydraulic press (For sheet forming operations)
Folding machine (For sheet bending upto 90 deg.)
High temperature furnace (For heat treatment)
Lathe (For spinning sheet metal parts)
Manual shearing machine (For sheet cutting upto 1mm thickness)
Mechanical shearing press (For cutting tensile specimens)
Nibbling machine (For beading)
Rolling mill (For cold rolling of sheets and strips)
Shearing machine (For sheet cutting upto 3 mm thickness)
Vacuum forming machine (For thermoforming of plastics)

Welding Shop

(WS-115B), Extension No. 6746

Arc welding machine (For joining metal plates)
Gas welding machine (For welding, cutting, brazing)
Plasma cutting machine (For cutting metals up to 12mm thickness)
Shearing machine (For cutting flat plates)
Spot welding machine (For joining thin sheets by spot welding)



​​ Head
Prof. D.Ravi Kumar
Room No- WS-113
Tel: +91-11-2659 6709
Email: digavalli.ravi.kumar@mech.iitd.ac.in

Central Workshop office
Ms. Bharti/ Ms. Mamta
Tel:- +91-11-26591466